September 2001

Extry Extry Joe!

Okay, yes, I've seen "Newsies" way too many times. And I apologize in advance for how brief this column is going to be. However, I think it's important.

In a recent US News and World Report, I read that there is now software that allows parents to monitor their kids' every keystroke, every website visit, and that apparently it's not something that can be disabled yet by a tech-savvy kid. Now, when my parents read this article, they were disturbed because of the lack of trust that a parent would have in their child to install such software; to them it was a sign of how bad some parents are at raising kids if they don't trust them at all. To me, I felt a chill of fear for all of us who are in the closet with our parents. GLBT youth are particularly vulnerable to this kind of thing. I know the first places I turned to for information on being queer were all online. So, I suppose I'm saying BE CAREFUL. And gods bless all of you whose parents have this nazi-like software. This is Big Brother in the home, and it's terrifying.

On a more personal note, I'm heading back to start my second year of college, and man I can't wait! It seems like my life is on hold here at home. I'm just itching to get back to Zoomass. And for all of you that might be entering freshman or transfer students at UMass-Amherst, JOIN THE PRIDE ALLIANCE, whose rather outdated website is at http://www.umass.edu/rso/pride if you're interested. A bonus of joining the Pride Alliance is that you get to meet me! Yeah, I know, that's not something that would actually get people to join; it would more likely scare y'all away. But for everyone going back to school this month, good luck, and take care. I'll be back with more next time.


Alex Kimball is a sophomore at UMass-Amherst and he can be reached at k41632@yahoo.com if you're so inclined. He will write a much longer column next month, promise.

Note: To my favorite Libra-"All I want tonight is to touch you and kiss you but I only wish you goodnight" (Melissa Etheridge)

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