September 2001

Hey everyone! What is up? Summer's almost over, [obscenity here].

How many of us have a good cable/satellite provider? For those of you who can, ever watch Bravo? I never knew that channel existed until they had this big special a few weeks ago. I don't think its a STRICTLY gay station, but there's a lot on there. Also is one called FSTV. I don't have a clue what these letters mean, but quite often there is some good gay-friendly shows.

Anyone here ever go to www.msn.com? Today [8/7/01] They had this nice article about the top 20 things teens want for going back to school. You know what was on it? [And I'm not saying that these are bad items, though *I* Don't want most of them] Cell phone, 4 different computers, two or three types of Gap jeans, and especially a refrigerator. Note to msn: Please, don't patronize us. Very few of us can afford a whole new wardrobe from Gap and Old Navy, a refrigerator for our secret stashes of food[?], and the wall sized metal CD rack, and those who can probably don't want them either. And to answer the questions those idiots that decided the other day everyone under 16 were the same asked: No, I do not like Pokemon.

I love being in my local bookstore [writing over my paycheck more or less] and standing in the long line, forever. Finally I'm next and some woman decides to cut in front of me, after all I'm only 15, what could I possibly have to do with my weekend off? Apparently I got to go catch them all with everyone else under 16, right?

And unfortunately its not our elders only: a year or so ago when I was at a high school track. People were running after school, for fun. I was listening to my CD player while a friend did some running. A few people I didn't know walked up and laughed at me from several feet away about them being able to outrace me in my sleep or something like that. I took of my headphones [and I know what your thinking adults: Metallica? nope. LOA? nope. Bach, as in the composer thanks very much] and took the idiots on.

Well thanks, now I feel better. some good reading I recommend: Back Issues of Oasis, particularly the humor sections. Hopefully next month I'll come up with another poem and I'll send it in, everyone else do so too! the average no. of articles around there lately: 3. It used to be at least a dozen. I think next month should be arts & entertainment month for Oasis, and we should all write a little poem, song or review and send it in, or see if one of the writers will include it in their next month's article, whatever just send one in! I imagine you can send it in as anonymous, if your worried about that [If you want, tell them to send any comments to me, and I'll forward them, that way you can be REALLY anonymous]



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