Jack Dixon

September 2001

Last month I wrote on what the Bible says about gay people. It was, by most estimates, a "scholarly" piece. I admit I was hoping for more feedback than I received, but then I also realize that this type of paper is often digested slowly and does not always lend itself to comment. Nonetheless, I do hope it was helpful.

A very dear friend of mine and I have spent much of the past eighteen months we have known each other holding each others' hands, aiding each other through some of the most difficult times in our lives. Coming out and its constant aftermath are so much easier when you have the support and sagacity of peers, and, in spite of his denials, he has always been a peer and mentor to me, in spite of the age difference.

We have also helped countless others in the past year, and oftentimes we have teamed up to help particularly difficult cases. I am thankful to the powers of heaven that we have had tremendous success. Yet the task of aiding others can be overwhelming, and we both suffer from classic Catcher-In-The-Rye Syndrome, desiring sometimes beyond our ability to help all who need help, to rescue those who seem beyond saving.

My wonderful friend, Jay (who often writes for Oasis also), had the idea to create an e-group on Yahoo! for GLBT youth. Being the type to do as he says he is going to do, he did it. This group, called G.A.Y. (Gay Assistance for Youth) (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gayassitanceforyouth), is now an official group on Yahoo!. It is the mission of G.A.Y. (Gay Assistance for Youth) to provide an online resource and support forum for GLBT questioning and affirmed youth all over the world. We hope you will come join this new venture.


Jack Dixon

Moderator for G.A.Y.


Jack Dixon lives in central New York, where he is anxiously hunting for a new job. It is his dream to one day write for The Advocate. Until then, he spends his time with a variety of pursuits, including writing a novel about gay love and the adventures of two college bois, practicing martial arts, and dancing in clubs. But his most favorite way to pass time is in the arms of his boifriend.

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