September 2001

My name is Gwen. I am 16 and live in NY. (not the city) I am going to be a junior. This is my first time writing to Oasis, so I hope it works. I was a little unclear as to how you are supposed to start if you don't already have your own page. A friend of mine told me about this site and it seemed like a good place to figure out my feelings. I have read numerous articles he has written and I must say his writing on here is quite good.

So now to start with my feelings. I have always thought for years that I was straight. I liked boys when I was little and everything was normal. When I started 7th grade I had a very good friend. She was very pretty and we got along great. I started dreaming about her and I felt very attracted to her. I had a book called something like, A growing up guide for girls, or something to that effect. Anyways, in this book it said that it was very normal for girls going through puberty to have same sex attractions and that it will pass in most cases. After a year or so my friend and I stopped hanging out and eventually stopped talking. Since then I have not been attracted to a girl until now. Recently I have been spending time with a large group of friends. One of those friends is a girl who is bisexual. She in very very pretty and very cool. I feel attracted to her in the same way I felt attracted to my friend in 7th grade. I have always thought I was straight but now I am starting to think I may be bisexual. Actually I am almost positive I am. I'm really confused right now. I have lots of friends that are bisexual or homosexual but I never considered it for myself. I definitely don't think it as bad thing but I am still unsure of my own feelings. For now I must depart however. Thank you for your time, and as I said before I hope this works!




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