September 2001

Str8 boi!!!

This is where my introduction would go, but I am not good at those so straight to the point.

I am Jed, 17 waiting to be 18 in about 7 months (lol), and I am straight!!!! LOL. Well not really, but that is what my mother believes. My mom, her friends that I know, my dad, neighbors, aunts and uncles all seem to think I am straight despite the stories of me "thinking" I am gay.

I know it seems like a good thing and all but in fact it's incredibly annoying. I hate being asked about what girl I like or my mom asking about a girl she thinks I am dating. Some people don't seem to understand that I have no interest in girls! I think it would be cool to talk to my mother about a guy I like or one that I am dating (which isn't often).

The strangest thing is that even though I am out of the closet it doesn't seem like it. I still keep gay websites, books, and TV shows (queer as folk) from my mom and most importantly any boy I talk to. hehe. Sadly she wonders why I hate being at home and around her!! Go figure.

She can't even accept her gay son. So I will continue to be straight at home and gay everywhere else.....until college that is.



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