September 2001


I think that gay guys are subconsciously programmed to be able to detect another gay guy when they come across one. Call it intuition. Call it radar or 'gaydar.' Whatever it is, gay guys can always find each other.

I was at the coffeehouse hanging with my friend Jenny. We were chatting it up when a friend of hers showed up. I remember meeting Christian (not his real name of course) a few weeks ago when a friend of mine was singing one night. He intrigued me somewhat, but I didn't think much about him then.

We had a three way conversation for a while. Christian seem to be grilling me. I didn't have a problem with that since I just assumed he wanted to get to know me.

What did bug me was that I was getting this buzz in the back of my head. It was like something was off. I just pushed it away.

Christian's friends eventually showed up and he started to talk to them. I breathed a sigh of relief and kept right on talking to Jenny. More people showed up and I sat closer to Jenny (we have this knock for being quirky and not sitting at the same tables sometimes). A minute later, Christian just came over and sat across from me. Nothing wrong with that, I thought. Jenny, Christian, and I continued our conversation. Then I realized he was talking to Jenny, but just looking at me.

When that realization hit, I felt two things. I felt the buzz in my head again. I also felt...well...aroused at the thought that this guy might be gay and find me interesting. Of course, I freaked and just left at the idea that a hot guy could like me. Besides, I thought it was all in my head.

A couple of days (by coincidence), I found out the truth. Christian was gay and SINGLE. My reaction was priceless. People could have mistaken me for some preteen girl at an NSync concert with my happy shrieking.

I realized something about that buzz in my head from that situation. It's just my gut instinct. Other people would say it was their radar or 'gaydar.' Sometimes I've been known to call it intuition. Whatever the case, I just think that most gay guys have it. Most of the time, it's right regardless of what people say. The next time you get a buzz in your head after a hot guy walks by, you should remember that chances are probably good you're right.

LaTorre (who wouldn't mind a buzz being set off by a member of NSync)

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