Michael Perry

September 2001

Rain Down On Me

This article is dedicated to my former roommate. You are nothing but a hurricane moving from town to town; wreaking havoc and causing destruction. My family invited you into their home and made you a part of us and you did nothing but screw us over in the end. I pray for you everyday that you stop drinking and start taking control of your life. We tried to show you that there is a better life out there but you are determined to continue on your course to destruction. I thank God that you are out of my life so that I can finally breathe again. I will get my car repaired and will miss the puppy...I will find a new place to live and will get my bank account squared away. I will go on better than before and find truth and true love while you will continue to wallow in your life of squalor and bitterness. I pray that you stop stealing from people monetarily and emotionally. Get a real job and stop leeching off others; you can't blame your kidney problem for the rest of your life...and BTW drinking so much Chardonnay is not good when you only have one kidney.

"Now that you're out of my life, it's so much better. Thought that I'd be weak with out you but I'm stronger. Thought I'd die without you but I'm living. Thought that I'd be stressed without you but I'm chilling. I'm a survivor I'm not gonna give up I'm not gonna stop I'm gonna work harder. I'm a survivor I'm gonna make I will survive and keep on surviving!"

- "Survivor" Destiny's Child (2001)

To say that in the past month my life has changed completely is a gross understatement. Since my last article my life has taken a great turn for the better after a few minor bumps and bruises. You know it has become crystal clear to me that sometimes in our lives we numb ourselves so much to the pain that surrounds us that we do not even realize the extent of our wounds anymore.

My godfather has suggested that I read and study a book called "The Search for Significance" and, besides all of the alter calls to Jesus, it is a pretty good book. It begins with a story of a traveling salesman in Texas who is heading home late one night. He falls asleep at the wheel, hits and embankment and his car flips ejecting him out onto the dirt beside the vehicle. He lied there for awhile until he passed out.

Another vehicle came by about a half an hour - A man and wife on vacation headed toward Alabama and the wife notices the overturned car. When they find Tim, he has fallen into shock upon seeing the blood stained shirt and the scratches on his body. He had previously been unaware of what had happened to him. Upon seeing his state he was allowed to feel the pain and to cope with it. I think we need to live with vigilance and be aware of what affects us and not numb ourselves to pain (or joy for that matter). We need to wake up to the world around us and strive for only the best. This includes with whom we associate ourselves. There, I have preached on my soap box and now for other news.

I just started working with the youth group at the GLCC in Ft Lauderdale and we had a group discussion on youth violence last week and we discussed some stories of young people who had been killed by their peers. We discussed some of the root causes of the problem of violence stemming from poverty and lack of hope as well as lack of education. Then we discussed what we can do to start preventing this "illness" and my suggestion was to view life like we view driving - We need to be alert and 'defensive'.

When I am driving on the road I can only take control over my driving and cannot control the actions of others but I can "drive defensively" and remain out of their way. In relation to life we need to be vigilant by where we go and what we do and with whom we associate and that is the best that we can do. In learning to take control and respect oneself in that way, only then can we try to respect and help others.Top 10 List of Movies (in NO particular order):

1. Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss
2. Go
3. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
4. Walk in the Clouds
5. Pay It Forward
6. Scream
7. Frisky Summer 2...lol ;-)
8. Titanic
9. My Best Friend's Wedding
10. The Goonies

There are tons more movies that I love but my life is mad/crazy right now and these came off the top of my head first.

Michael Perry, 22, is currently residing in Delray Beach FL but will soon be living in Pompano Beach FL...His quest for Prince Charming continues and well as his search for truth and deliverance.he can be reached at jonahmichael78@hotmail.com

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