scarab guy

September 2001

Hi guys, what's up? This is my first column at oasis and i feel pretty good about it, how about you? Yeah, i know you don't care, hehe. Anyway, time to get to what i'm talking about:

Do you guys realize how yuppie oasis is? Sorry, not disrespecting, merely observing. But anyway, yeah. I notice how much a lot of the gay community is like, Giant Yuppie Land and I'm totally not about that and I felt that as a member of the sub-sub-class of gay geek I should speak out because I don't see too much representation going on, and isn't that what this is all about??

So anyway, doesn't slash/yaoi fanfiction kickass? For those of you not in the know, I'll do a little definin' for ya:

Fanfiction: Fiction by fans :). To be more specific, like a prose thing about something you like, but don't own the rights to. Like, you know how you always wanted to see a sequel to that ultra-crappy IMHO "Forsaken" movie, but you KNOW they're never gonna do it (cause it SUCKED), well in the fluid origami trick that is the internet, now you can, but you'll have to write it yourself, uh-huh. Or search to see if someone else did! The internet is like, huge dude. Slash: Taking popular culture icons such as say... i dunno... Wolverine and Cyclops from X-Men orrrr the two angels in "Dogma" and writing a fic about their gay relationship. These range from pg-13 to nc-17 to XXX. it's called "slash" because of the "male/male" relationship. Yaoi: A subset of slash. Its just like it 'cept with japanese icons like Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter videogames or Heero and Duo from the tv show Gundam Wing. I don't know what yaoi means. It probably means elephant for all i know ::shrugs::. Anyway, yaoi is actually popular in japan. They have tons of comics that feature gay relationships, and unofficial ones that feature popular culture icons (in asia, pirating is rampant anyway). Many sites feature scans from these comics. Also, there are some japanese CGI artists who own websites where they make their own yaoi pictures and display them to the 'net. of course, many english websites pass these pics around.

And hey, if anything, its like a free gay romance novel. Some of them are pretty well-written and others are nothing to write home about.

Well anyway, I hope this was at least slightly educational to some of you. What's that? No links? Dude, you don't need links. Just run a search under like "wolverine cyclops slash" or "ryu ken yaoi". heck, even just "slash fanfiction" or "yaoi fanfiction". It doesn't matter.

Well anyway, its been real. See ya.


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