News - December 1995

String of queer concerts planned to benefit youth

A string of concerts to benefit queer youth is being planned for 1996, and you can be a part of it.

Queerfest '96 is a project of Youth Action Online (YAO) and Amphion, Ltd.

YAO has been working with other national queer youth organizations to develop a toll-free hotline specifically for queer and questioning youth. Funding and volunteer support are needed to help make this a reality.

Amphion Benefit Productions -- a non-profit organization that puts together benefit concerts for queer causes -- contacted YAO and willing to help find the project with a series of benefit concerts.

"They see this as a chance to make history and give queer youth visibility by bringing together mainstream artists," said Mary L. Gray, of YAO.

A tentative "wish list" of artists are: Nine Inch Nails, REM, Morrissey, Indigo Girls, Hole, Melissa Etheridge, and queercore bands like Pansy Division, Tribe 8, Extra Fancy and Jawbreaker.

The current plan is to organize a large event in San Francisco to be followed by a six show tour across the U.S. to play mid-sized towns (approx. attendance 10,000.) Tracks will be taken from the tour to put together a compilation CD for mainstream release. The proceeds from all of this will go to fund the national 1-800 queer youth crisis line.

But this cannot be done without volunteer support.

"Amphion can bring together the artists, but we need to come up with nationwide volunteer support," Gray said. Tour locations will be determined by volunteer availability; the tour will go to the towns with the most volunteer support.

Volunteers are needed to:

Each tour location will need a committed volunteer committee to take charge of the local coordination of the responsibilities listed above.

Anyone interested in being a part of this exciting and history-making event is asked to contact:

Alan Wiley (alanw@sfsu.edu) and Mary Gray (loco@youth.org), or contact our San Francisco office at: (415) 522-1737. By e-mailing Wiley and Gray, your name will go on a Queerfest mailing list which will keep you up to date on the project.

"Please don't think that you can't do this just because you're young, we have people on our staff as young as 15, and we welcome all queer youth supportive people," Wiley, 19, said.

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