News - December 1995

P-FLAG launches transgendered mailing list

TGS-PFLAG is a new mailing list for people who have friends or family members who are transgendered. People in the transgendered community are welcome the participate in the discussions, which will focus on issues of parental/familial acceptance.

The list is part of the in-development PFLAG Transgender Family & Friends Support Network, to be launched formally in early 1996 as part of PFLAG's Special Outreach Networks. PFLAG National is not responsible for postings or comments that may be made on the list.

TGS-PFLAG is an unmoderated discussion list, and is provided as a safe space to share personal experiences, to provide support, or to help list members find resources in their own communities.

Although list membership is public, all subscription requests must be approved to protect the safety of this space. Any list member who posts personal attacks of other list members or hateful messages of any sort, will be immediately removed from the list and barred from future participation in this group. In this matter, the judgment of the list owner shall be final.

To subscribe to this list, include the word SUBSCRIBE in the body of an e-mail message and send it to tgs-pflag-request@mtcc.com

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