News - December 1995

Michael Jackson in the "gay militia?"

In Howard Stern's latest book, Miss America, he writes how he was disturbed by a visit with Michael Jackson last year.

Stern says the meeting was called by Jackson to discuss the possibility of a TV special with Stern. The two apparently met at Dolly Parton's apartment, with Jackson in his Sgt. Pepper outfit.

Jackson ''looks like he's in the gay militia,'' Stern notes in a chapter in the book titled ''If You Love Children So Much, Where Are the Girls?''

''He has thick makeup on like Bozo the . . . Clown. It's so thick you feel like you could take a hunk of it and stucco a wall,'' Stern apparently wrote.

Stern says Jackson's manager also suggested a Stern-hosted rally to support the singer.

''Storming the streets over Michael Jackson's innocence is not going to happen,'' Stern replied. ''Three people are going to take to the streets: the guy from the insane asylum and two other people following with a net.''

That was the end of the meeting.

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