News - December 1995

Holiday CD features "Our Gay Apparel"

SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus' just released CD, "Our Gay Apparel," captures the entire wardrobe of holiday emotions, with its eclectic mix of new and traditional favorites.

The new CD follows increasing acclaim for chorus concerts and other recently released recordings. "Our Gay Apparel" is produced by Golden Gate Performing Arts, and priced at $15.

"I think you will find 'Our Gay Apparel' captures the entire wardrobe of holiday emotions. I promise a Whitman's Sampler of joy, tears, fantasy and holiday fun!" says Dr. Stan Hill, Artistic Director for the Chorus since 1989.

The Chorus does its richly performed renditions of "Jingle Bells," "Deck The Halls," "The Nutcracker Suite" and "Twelve Days of Christmas."

"This richly produced collection is delightfully fun, honestly touching and brilliantly performed," says Q San Francisco Magazine.

In August of this year, "Singing Positive," a documentary about the impact of AIDS on the Chorus, aired nationally on Viacom. Established in 1978, as the first all gay chorus in the world, the San Francisco Chorus is now joined by over 150 gay choruses around the world.

"Singing in this chorus isn't apolitical statement, it's simply about the joy of music," says Dr. Hill. And what a joy it is. "Delicious Resonance," says the LA Times, "their singing embodies a spiritual lift," quotes the San Francisco Chronicle, and Q San Francisco Magazine says, "'Our Gay Apparel' is the only CD you'll need this holiday season."

"Our Gay Apparel" sells for $15 and is available at record stores everywhere, or by calling: Golden Gate Performing Arts, at 415-863-4472, ext.1.

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