by Chris

In this world I feel alone and isolated
Too scared to open to anyone
Fearing what I will see from them
Unaccepting the life I choose to live.

It's so much easier to turn it off
All of my secrets are still hidden within
My skeletons buried out of sight
And still they haunt my every move.

Building up inside me
The courage enough to tell someone
Let them through the door to my world
The inward secret passed on
To a new captive.

To find someone willing to listen
Seeing me only as one with a problem
Not as the outsider everyone else perceives
If only it was easier, confidence.

Should what I hide slip into the open
Those with me from before turn away
I would have to face it every day
Escape is not that easy.

Their eyes haunt me
For I fear someone knows
Left only to my sacred ones
All becomes speculation
Of what I truly am.


by Chris

Onto this tired plateau I rise
The never ending questions asked of me
Sick of hearing their curious heads
I am to-day's special interest.

What does anyone know about me
For I have told no-one everything
Barely knowing what I am myself
Desire for the untouchables
Pain of crossing their paths.

I'm treading quick-sand
Nothing I can ever say helps out
Running headstrong into a brick wall
The sensibility I require, never there.

What separates us in the end
Nothing more than a silly word
And a confused feeling
Something I can see through
To you the thickest sheet of lead.

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