Out high-schooler finds comfort in Oasis

As a somewhat out 17-year-old, I spend a lot of my time wondering about people on my school who are not quite so out as I am. My school has, several times, presented or promoted either ignorant or homophobic opinions, and I know it's not offering information to students about being queer. I know there must be a lot -- my school has around 2000 people and I only know of five or 10 gay, lesbian and bisexual students in total. I sometimes think I might be difficult to approach because I'm a little bit "out" to the school; it scares me to think that. I'm comforted by the fact that if they need information, they have Oasis to turn to. The World Wide Web and the Internet have done something magical for me, and I hope it can continue to work magic for years to come. Thanks for making it happen!

David Perkowski (dperkowski@psu.edu)

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