News - January 1996

For couples only...

GGBB is a new general discussion list designed to facilitate online discussion among same-sex couples about the challenges of living in a heterosexist and homophobic world as gay and lesbian couples.

The name 'GGBB' stands for 'girl-girl-boy-boy'. If people have other suggestions for names of the list, please let the list-owner know.

The idea behind the mailing list is to create a space where issues facing gay and lesbian couples can be discussed by people who will experience or who have already dealt with, the same issues. These issues will include monogamy, sex, domestic partnership benefits, dealing with family members, anti-couple bias in the general gay/lesbian/bisexual community, networking with other couples, among other things.

One of the goals of the list is to raise the profile of gay and lesbian couples to show the queer community AND the straight community that long term same-gender couples do exist, despite the lack of societal support or sanction of such couplings.

To join the GGBB mailing list send a message to MAJORDOMO@abacus.oxy.edu with a one line message: subscribe ggbb.

To leave the list, send the one line message to Majordomo@abacus.oxy.edu: unsubscribe ggbb.

Commands included in Subject: headers are ignored. Do not send subscribe/unsubscribe messages to the full mailing list. They are also ignored.

You can also send subscribe/unsubscribe messages to the address: ggbb-request@abacus.oxy.edu

MajorDomo is a computer program. You must send messages directly to the program to get on or off the list. For more info on commands that MajorDomo will honor, send the message 'help' to MajorDomo@abacus.oxy.edu. Sending the command 'info ggbb' should get you a copy of this file.

To post to the GGBB mailing list, send email to: GGBB@abacus.oxy.edu

The administrative address for any other questions about getting on/off the list or anything else for GGBB is: GGBB-owner@abcus.oxy.edu

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