News - January 1996

Good sense with Dr. Ruth

* From BobPhoto@AOL.COM: In her new book, "SEX FOR DUMMIES" Dr. Ruth Westheimer has many wise, positive and quotable things to say in chapter 18, Same Sex Relationships. To illustrate, Dr. Ruth writes:

"Although we have been studying the issue for thousands of years, we still can come to no conclusion about what determines sexual orientation. All we do know is that homosexuality among men and women has existed for as long as history has been recorded, that homosexual lifestyles are no more likely to disappear than heterosexual ones, and, as far as I am concerned, that homosexuals should be treated with the same respect as every other human being."

In the section, "Separation of church and state" she writes: "In America, we believe in separation between church and state. Believers in the Bible are certainly free to stop THEMSELVES (emphasis mine) from committing certain sexual acts, but under the U.S. Constitution, their beliefs do not confer on them the right to force others to believe or behave as they do."

She has much more to say in this vein, and I highly recommend her book for your library. Were everyone as sane and open minded as she is.

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