Broken Tears

by Brandon Lacy

In silence they fall
tiny visions of prophecy
the essence of creation
carrying destiny like a light in their depths
they strike the earth
and shatter, like crystalline hope
sounding the music of creation
and silenced without thought

In heartbreak they are released
descended from Heaven
fallen angels of unutterable glory
carrying grace and sacredness in their wake
until they are greeted by the touch of fate
and sent forgotten
to oblivion, until the day of judgment

In birth they are joyous
twin streams of mirth and laughter
greeting mother and cleansing vanity
In death they are comforting
black River Styx
brining sweet forgetfulness
soaked up with abandon
their subtle magic lost

Without voice they speak
without demand they listen
without hope they shield
without despair they guide
they are the human burden
broken tears.

Brandon Lacy, 18, is a freshman at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. He is a Humanities/Political Science major, and is an active member of the Warren Wilson College Gay/Bisexual/Lesbian Alliance. He can be reached online at wlacy@warren-wilson.edu.
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