Not Quite Romeo

by Lisa

A curl as black as infinity falls against your cheek
Oh but I were a glove upon that hand-
Your hair is thick as wire, mine is barely tangible
Did Juliet also dream of this intertwining?
Do I dare betray myself, my life, and all I know
In hopes of an unsure love?
This is not the fairy tale I was promised
And you are not Prince Charming.
I could lie and pray to know the truth
While still not knowing where truth lies.
Suppose I'm wrong, and you want only friendship?
Suppose I'm wrong, I'm only after thrills?
I could be throwing everything I know
Away, to chase an unrequited love.
I could be wrong about myself or you or us
And no one would ever see me the same again.
He and I are perfectly acceptable.
And he loves me for always, or at least another month.
And you, I can never ask.
But when I pull him close, and kiss his unshaven chin,
And he is the essence of manhood,
His thick brown hair is not the smooth mass it once was
But black and almost coarse
Yet soft enough to curl.

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