Father of gay son commends Oasis

Dear Jeff,

I enjoyed reading the article on Harvey. Great job!

When our son came out in March of 1990, we lived in the small town of Brainerd, Minnesota. My wife went to the bookstore after our son told us he is gay and the only book they had said homosexuality was a sin and should be a crime. Fortunately we had a former Lutheran clergyman who knew he was gay but married and fathered 4 children to give the perception of normality and he led us into finding books. Harvey Hertz, owner of A Brother's Touch bookstore led us into many books along the way. So with PFLAG and supportive friends in the gay community we have become advocates of the GLBT community.

Today with many youth having access to PCs your Oasis is really just that. Although Minneapolis Minnesota is very open to the gay community there are many radical religious wrong who are now trying to take openness out of the schools and replace it with the Christian Coaliton bigotry and hatred.

Keep up the good work.

A proud father of a gay son,

Al Bertke

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