News - February 1996

New organization forms, launches web site

An organization has been formed to monitor and counter the agenda of the right-wing in America. The Keeping Watch Coalition is a public think tank and activist network dedicated to being a comprehensive resource on right-wing reactionary movements and to educate the public on its findings. The organization will keep watch on the right-wing and bring to light the agenda of right-wing and the connections between various right-wing movements.

While the right-wing remains a small minority, they are dedicated, organized, and determined to push their reactionist agenda on the rest of America. All the right-wing needs to prosper is for the rest of America to do little or nothing. The Keeping Watch Coalition understands the need for an organized, committed, and effective response to the right-wing and their agenda. That is why The Keeping Watch Coalition has been founded.

Keeping Watch's organizational mission is as follows:

  1. To monitor the political, social, and religious right-wing and develop effective responses to their activities, statements, and agendas.

  2. To raise awareness and educate citizens on the nature, history, beliefs, and activities of the various right-wing reactionary movements.

  3. To train a network of Watchers to monitor and gather information on the right-wing.

  4. To organize a network of activists to respond to the far right through writing, phoning, and/or e-mailing Congress; calling talk shows on radio and television; and writing "letters to the editor" at newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets.

The Keeping Watch Coalition will not duplicate the efforts of other fine organizations that monitor and report on the right-wing. It will help bring all these organizations together to create a unified front against the right-wing. The Keeping Watch Coalition will work cooperatively with other organizations, sharing information with them, and hopes to include the monitoring work of other organizations in the information it distributes.

Services provided by the Keeping Watch Coalition include a World Wide Web Site, a magazine entitled "The Watchers' Report," a computerized database of information about right-wing movements, and contract research for scholars and journalists.

The Keeping Watch Coalition will be an important and influential disseminator of information about the right-wing. Keeping Watch is a public think tank -- it will involve many people working together on the grassroots level to share information and develop those positive alternatives. Keeping Watch will be a nationwide network of concerned and involved individuals and groups mobilized to fight the right-wing.

For information on The Keeping Watch Coalition, contact kpwatch@aquilapub.com, or at their current physical mail address of Keeping Watch Coalition, 722 West 66th St., Suite 255, Minneapolis, MN 55423.

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