News - February 1996

Deneuve Magazine throws readers a Curve after lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO -- Why the change? Hey, the world is a cold, cruel place. You've got to have that "je ne sais quoi" to make it to the top -- just as Catherine Deneuve.

Now that our litigation with Catherine Deneuve is public knowledge, we thought we'd set the record straight -- so to speak. DENEUVE Magazine has been in publication for five years and is America's foremost lesbian magazine. Although DENEUVE Magazine has never claimed or in any way suggested a connection to the French actress, Ms. Deneuve sued to stop us from using the word "Deneuve" in the magazine's name. This was curious since Ms. Deneuve has made her fortune from the patronage of lesbian and gay fans by portraying bisexual and lesbian characters in five of her major films. Nevertheless, DENEUVE Magazine has changed its name.

Rather than slide down the slippery slope, the staff of DENEUVE Magazine instead chose to embrace the CURVE. We love our new name and the bold images it evokes. A CURVE is a swerve -- it's exciting. CURVE has verve -- it's savvy. Most of all, CURVE suggests diversity -- a departure from sameness. And CURVE is a celebration of feminine sensuality and strength.

We urge our loyal readers and all representatives of the media to support us in this transitional period. The January/February 1996 issue is our first as CURVE Magazine and our finest issue yet. Watch for the cover story on Martina Navratilova as she helps us welcome in the New Year and celebrate the new face of CURVE Magazine.

CURVE Magazine is published bimonthly by Outspoken Enterprises, 2336 Market St. #15, San Francisco, CA 94114.

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