by Michael Pirozzi

at the sunrise of life
we are apt to be joyous
welcoming the calm luke warm breeze
dancing on our half awaken faces-
we dance with the sun as
it divinely reveals its resplendence.
at the afternoon of life
we are subject to be lost
in a grand book or enjoy the
ambiguous elements of gossip with
a friendly companion over
a delicious cup of earl gray tea
at the night of life
we are prone to enjoy the sun falling-
for it gives us the hope of another day-
we grapple with the labor of our days,
make unpromising promises,
pray to a god without a name,
and wish our dreams to be serene-
with all of this our eyes are left
smiling at the reddish sky

Michael Pirozzi, 19, is a second year Finance student at Pace University, New York. His interests range from the dynamics of financial markets to poetry. He has been published by The National Library of Poetry and newspapers on campus. He can be reached at cyberpace@msn.com.
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