by Michael Pirozzi

I know of something
that is incomparable
to any element in our
queer universe.
For our mouths are enraptured
by it and our minds worship the
obscure nature of it:
It is analogous to a violent storm
gushing away our serenity-
it comes unannounced like evil
in the good hearts of men. It preys
upon the serene and the desolate:
becoming the enigma upon its hostile
rape. It welcomes us to its tangibly
erotic divine banquet where we
become enslaven by its very essence-
we dine on its bread, only to experience
the laggard weaning of its damned
nourishment causing our lives to drip away-
dripping away with its cursed horror
second by second- then when we are least
conscious, it vanishes as if it was never present-
then only memories of times past-
the drama of emotion carved in marble
to be eternally mourned.

Michael Pirozzi, 19, is a second year Finance student at Pace University, New York. His interests range from the dynamics of financial markets to poetry. He has been published by The National Library of Poetry and newspapers on campus. He can be reached at cyberpace@msn.com.
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