by Hugh Ryan

I can feel you, now, tonight,
Your body rubbing mine right.
Every faded kiss is burning,
As I lay, tossing, turning

My flesh is yearning for you,
Needing the passion we once knew.
Missing the love that now is dead,
Crushed under heel as you fled.

Can you look me in the eye,
And at least tell me why?
Why you left me all alone here?
Was I not enough, or was it fear?

Fear of what your parents would do?
Or of what they would say to you?
The fear that your friends might know,
And fear of the words they would throw.

Homo, faggot, queer and gay,
These words the price we pay.
We had love, but now all is lost,
Kept your secret, but at what cost?

Hugh Ryan is a high school senior in Irvington, New York. He likes reading (science fiction and fantasy), writing (poetry and short stories), and music... listening to it, not playing it. He can be reached online at bansidhe@ix.netcom.com.
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