Sunset Isis

by Brika Steinberg

A girl and her lover
washed up on the shore.
This place couldn't handle
their kind anymore.

Wasn't she lovely,
and wasn't she sweet?
"But we don't let those kind of women
out on our streets,"

they said. "Our children will know
ideas of danger.
And how will they grow?
Our lives would be stranger.

Who are you to change everything -
the life that is pure?
Don't dirty our minds
with the filth you procure."

But oh, I loved her;
her voice was like the wind.
And oh, I needed her,
but God knows how many times they said we sinned.

Rings and triangles
and rainbows of light,
holding each other,
we got through the night.

Love me forever
my mind screamed and died,
but I couldn't heal her, her pain,
for all that I tried.

Oh, I loved her;
her face was like the sun.
And oh, I needed her,
but God knows her wounds were too deep to be undone.

Life is a woman;
life is my soul.
Two lives together
made everything whole.

They drove her from herself,
drove her from me.
She bled her body life,
trying to be free.

But oh, I love her;
her touch was like the rain.
And oh, I need her,
but God knows that now I will never be whole again.

Now I'm alone;
I have nothing to prove.
Drowning in darkness,
I can't even move.

She shone upon me once;
where is she now?
Ashke, watch over me.
I'll love you somehow.

Brika Steinberg is an OAC student at Lisgar Collegiate Institute in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She can be reached online at ac518@freenet.carleton.ca.
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