You Say...

by Abextra

You say you know what is right
For you, for me, for your friends,
Your children, and your enemies.
And all I want to know is
Who died? Who made you Supreme
Ruler, Officer, and Judge?
When the horns blast to sound
The Final Day for us all,
Will I stand before you to
Justify my (as you call it) choice?
I know what you think of me.
You say that I am wrong and sick.
You say that I am depraved, well,
If this is madness, call me insane.
If this is a sin, let me be damned.
An eternity of fire in your Hell
Is better than your life of ice on Earth.

Abextra (abextra@arh0248.urh.uiuc.edu) is better known as Beth Tarr, a 20-year-old sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. You can find out more about her through her home page.

The above poem was her response to a newsgroup posting by a young man who had taken it upon himself to remove posters about a play (for gay/lesbian/bisexual awareness) being performed on her campus.

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