Oasis -- it's not just for Britpop anymore

Well, I visited Oasis for the first time today and I am jolly impressed. I'm here in England, but I felt very welcomed by you all! Keep it up! The cover story really spoke to me, as a Christian who fortunately has had a lot of support from my community at university - but prior to that none. I'm only glad that as a teenager I was too afraid to have anything to do with the 'we can cure you' folk - a narrow escape, I feel.

Incidentally, did you know that Oasis is the name of a very trendy lads' band here? I'm no expert, but they are said (in their better moments) to be inheritors of the 'britpop tradition' of the Beatles in the 1990s! Anyway, lots of teenage girls and no doubt not a few teenage boys love 'em. In fact, they're not bad, but if I had to choose between the two oases (hmm, very improbable word) I know which one it would be.

John Beckerson

Ed: Why choose? Crank up "Wonder Wall" in the background, and launch Netscape.

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