Oasis praised for being inclusive

My compliments to your inclusion of an opinion piece from a gay pro-life experience. While I consider myself pro-choice, I believe that it is wrong for gay activists to reject gay pro-lifers (as had happened at pride rallies, etc. on numerous occasions) for their political/moral beliefs.

I have read interviews in which pro-life gays say they are made to feel more at home among the pro-life Christian Right than among their pro-choice GLBT brothers and sisters. This is flat wrong: the issue is that we are all queer family, and political views don't change the blood.

If we really believe the idea of the rainbow, the GLBT symbol that shows the diversity within our family, than we must accept that diversity, even when it is, yes, different from our own views; this is the very meaning of diversity.

Keep up the good work!

Mr. Jester

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