News - March 1996

ACLU lawsuit challenges Internet censorship law

PHILADELPHIA -- The American Civil Liberties Union Feb. 8 filed a lawsuit in federal District Court in Philadelphia, seeking a temporary restraining order against the "indecency" provisions of the telecommunications bill signed into law by President Clinton this morning. Federal Judge Ronald L. Buckwalter is scheduled to hear the motion for the temporary restraining order at 3 P.M. today.

In a Washington, D.C. news conference announcing the lawsuit yesterday, ACLU Executive Director Ira Glasser said that the ACLU was moving quickly because it feared that the telecommunication legislation would have an immediate impact on the Internet. "Nothing less than the future of free expression in the United States is at stake here," Glasser said.

Complete information on the lawsuit is available via ACLU's new "Freedom Network" World Wide Web page, and via the ACLU's Constitution Hall forum on America Online. Materials available for download include:

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