News - March 1996

Mailing list started for children of gays and lesbians

Announcing new email list for daughters and sons of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents


To talk about AIDS, teasing, our gay and straight parents, our feelings, school, and much more. This list is a place to talk about all the things we can't talk about anywhere else.


The list is open to anyone who is a daughter or son of l/g/b/t parent(s);including people with gay foster parents or other guardians. People whose parents are just coming out, or whose parents were out before they were born. Kids, teens, adults. Tell your own stories. Ask the questions you can't ask your parents. Use your experience to help others. Make friends. The list is moderated by someone with a lesbian mom. No parents will participate in the list unless they have gay parents themselves.


To subscribe to the list, send email to: majordomo@vector.casti.com and write in the body of the message (not the subject):

subscribe kidsofgays yourfirstname yourlastname <

So for instance, Janice Doe would send email to majordomo@vector.casti.com with the info: subscribe kidsofgays Janice Doe <JaniceD@aol.com>

Kids may use their parent's email address, but we ask that parents refrain from reading or contributing to the list.

Questions? You can send 'em to kidsofgays-owner@vector.casti.com.

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