News - March 1996

"Gay Daze," the first queer episodic drama launches on web

Los Angeles, CA -- Gay Entertainment Multimedia has announced the launch of "Gay Daze," a gay/lesbian drama at http://www.gaydaze.com.

"The web is a perfect place to launch a gay/lesbian soap opera," states Arlene Krantz, Executive Producer of the on-line site and President of G.E.M. "A large part of the gay community is already on the web and has been for years, so we felt that there was already a large audience out there for our site."

As the show's introduction states, "The setting is Los Angeles, the city of angels and devils in disguise." In its midst, six friends: Greg, the tortured artist; Eric, the good doctor, and his lover, Drew, a caterer; Fran, the x-gen lesbian; Mike, tough, straight, and fresh from New York; and Hugo the queen of gossip and "coffee talk" at his cafe, Mocha Daze. Lovers, colleagues and friends, their lives are interwoven in the fabric of the gay L.A. lifestyle.

"Our goal is to make this site innovative and entertaining," states Helen Mendoza, Producer and Creative Director of the show. "We've got a sophisticated audience, and they're looking for fun and inventive programming on the web."

With new entries from three or four of the characters every day, "Gay Daze" is aimed at becoming a complete, interactive site. The site features color graphics and photographs, as well as a chance to send e-mail to each of the characters. Future story plans include more interactive plots where the audience can determine the direction of the drama.

"We have several other special features planned for the site," says Jeb Seibel, Designer and Webmaster of "Gay Daze." "We're getting ready to launch a custom-designed web-chat, and we're developing an area called 'The Gallery,' where visitors can view our special collection of photographs among other things.

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