News - March 1996

Joan Collins books won't be in stores... no loss

Excerpts from one of Joan Collins rejected manuscripts were published recently in newspapers. To those unaware, Collins was sued by Random House, because they say she has not lived up to her contract by providing 2 books for which she has been paid a hefty sum. The suit alleges that she refused to upgrade the quality with rewrites and that the work is unpublishable. Collins is counter-suing.

The following excerpt is from "The Ruling Passion:"

"Was this the man she loved? The man two short months ago that she had promised to love and honor till death parted them? Alain looked puffy, debauched, strung out. His yellow (!) hair was beginning to be laced with gray now, and there were tired lines running from his nose to his mouth..."

"'What have you been doing, Alain? Tell me the truth, please, because I know.' 'Know what Cherie?' His face was a picture of boyish innocence. 'What do you think you know, my little cabbage?'"

"'Don't call me your little cabbage,' she said savagely. 'I'm nobody's cabbage. Not yours. Not anyone's.'"

"'What is it?' he asked. 'This isn't like you. What's wrong Venetia?'"

"'You're gay, aren't you Alain?' she asked calmly. 'You're still gay after all these years?'"

He stared at her, his eyes so blue, like hers, doleful, then he drained his glass of vodka and went to pour another. 'Who told you? he murmured huskily. 'How do you know?'"

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