Cyberspace Lovers

We met through a computer.
A little cyberspace world.
Maybe, both afraid of that
Through the computer, our
love seemed to bloom.
We'd make our romance.
Sitting together in an
easy chair.
Snuggling with one another,
just watching the bright stars.
Sometimes ... I think we both
felt scared.
We hadn't met, but our love
felt like a stronghold.
Ready to be unfolded, unto
each other.
This cyberspace love felt like
a dream come true.
I, unyeilded my heart to you.
Handed you the key, to unlock
the loving spirit inside.
Through the long hours, and days
of waiting.
My love traveled many miles, to
be with you, my sweetness.
Upon the first moment, I
held you in my arms.
A love, we built in the
Came true.
Our hearts joined forever
'til the end of time.
I will love you.

Author's note: I wrote the above poem about two years ago, orginally for two womyn I met on the net who were lovers. I ended up giving this poem as a Four Month Anniversary gift to my lover. We met on the net, via IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The poem describes some of the things we did, since we weren't together in real life.
Rita Baker, 21, is a lesbian who has been writing for about eight years. She plays drums and small percussion items, and currently resides in Pittburgh, Pa, having lived in Phoenix, Az and Kentucky.

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