Move On

by Nathan Brown

We hide from what we don't know,
And we fear what is to come.......

In this world we all wear masks,
And some camouflage themselves with images........

So where do we lie in between all this?

When Ignorance, hate & masks hide the truth,
How do we find ourselves?

We must remove the masks,
Hold our heads high and move on.......

And the road we take is bent and covered with brush & weeds,
We must move on......

We learn the pain and we shed the tears and we grow stronger........

Follow the thinkers and the dreamers,
For they carry the truth but don't get caught up in thought or dreams.......

You must DO!

Use thought for planning and
Dreams for Inspiration......

Move on in life and take with you the hope for truth

And find the truth in yourselves.

Nathan Brown, 18, lives in Worcester, MA, where he serves as a peer leader for gay teen group.
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