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Dear America,

In these troubled times, as in times before; the world, the country, the people needed a voice. This voice - the people's voice, rose amongst the multitudes, to speak out against tyranny, racism, and sexism. Now is the time for the people's voice to ring loud once again, against the atrocities that are happening today. We the American people must come forth and decide our future once more.

In the early beginnings of our great nation, a voice rung loud and strong against the tyranny of the English throne. The American people saw their destiny and won the freedom they so desired. Giving their children, and the children to come...hope.

Our forefather's primitive attempt, to give the citizens of the United States certain alienable rights; those of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness fell short of their goal. These rights did not apply to all just a select few. The voice rose in the fields of the South, and in homes across the land. The voice demanded to be free, and demanded the same rights that others had.

The People's voice rose yet again to speak out against a man called Hitler, and liberated thousands upon thousands of people. We the people of the world, the country, saw the evil in these acts and acted against them.

It is time America to awaken from our long slumber and remove the blindfold of ignorance and hate. It is time for us to join the great leaders of world history, and denounce evil for evil. Join with us America and step into the light of tomorrow.


Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Abraham Lincoln
Mahatma Ghandi
Martin Luther King
John F. Kennedy
Anwar Sadat
Olaf Palma
*Barbra Streisand
Rowan Gallegos

*Name added to list, but have never asked her if she wished to sign :)

Ed. note: We don't know what this means, either.

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