Reader unsure about "Acceptance"

I just read "Acceptance" from the March issue of "Oasis." Technically very good.

Unfortunately, I fear its placement on this magazine because of the potential of young people in great emotional pain to be reading this. It would, however, be simply literalism to say that including a story about suicide would incite a "troubled youth" to cause harm to him/herself. In fact, the presentation of a view (that the author finds anathemical or at least wishes to be questioned) by a particular character in a literary work does not necessarily take the role of espousing such a view to the reader; it can be a rather sophisticated device in writing to various ends.

Still I must admit my discomfort with the inclusion of "Acceptance" if merely for the sake of disturbing susceptible people; and still I am glad it is there because the full gamut of life, positive or otherwise, should be accessible by the questioning young and interested adult. Otherwise I wouldn't be alive to write this letter.

Scott D. Heath, 21, of San Diego, CA

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