News - April 1996

NGLTF updates status of country-wide anti-marriage initiatives

Washington, D.C. -- The barrage of anti-marriage legislation continues across the country. According to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), 17 states are currently facing legislation intended to ban same-gender marriage.

Seven other states had anti-marriage legislation introduced that has since been withdrawn or blocked, and two states (Utah in 1995 and South Dakota last month) passed such measures into law. "Rumblings abound that religious extremist groups aren't done yet and measures in more states will surface before the end of the legislative year," stated Tracey Conaty, NGLTF field organizer and representative to the National Freedom to Marry Coalition.

The Task Force, working in partnership with Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund's Marriage Project and other members of the National Freedom to Marry Coalition, is assisting local activists throughout the country in defeating these anti-gay attacks in their states.

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