News - April 1996

New Hotline Available for Anti-Gay Violence/Hate

A new, non-profit, toll-free hotline is now available to assist all victims of anti-gay incidents and provide them with a centralized source of information and documentation.

The Gay & Lesbian Victims' Assistance Hotline (800-259-1536) is a 24-hour project of LAMBDA Services Anti-Violence Project (AVP), located in El Paso, TX. The hotline is answered by trained volunteers who provide information and referrals to persons who have experienced terrifying violence or more common anti-gay incidents, such as discrimination, harassment, or vandalism. Callers may remain anonymous and all information is kept strictly confidential.

"We hope that anyone with information to report will call us," said Rob Knight, president of LAMBDA Services. "Anti-gay brutality and discrimination has long been invisible, mainly because it is among the least reported of crimes," said Knight. "Anti-gay rhetoric is so common that it is largely ignored. People are being taught to fear and hate homosexuals -- and that fear, unchallenged, often leads to violence. The first step in countering the hate is to report it."

Founded in 1991, LAMBDA Services is an international, all-volunteer, non-profit, LesBiGay organization. LAMBDA Services' Anti-Violence Project (AVP) works to prevent and assist victims of anti-gay hate. LAMBDA is a national tracking member of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects.

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For information or assistance, call the 24-hour Gay & Lesbian Victims' Assistance Hotline at 800-259-1536 or e-mail AVProject@aol.com.

LAMBDA Services is an international, non-profit organization offering information and programs for gay youth & adults, parents, victims of violence, and the community at large. LAMBDA's mission is to eliminate discrimination in all its forms, and enlighten the public about homosexuality/bisexuality through education and support.

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