News - April 1996

GLAAD concerned about Focus on the Family joining AOL

Those who subscribe to online service provider America Online should be aware of the new "Focus On The Family" forum. The forum, engineered by the Radical Right group led by James Dobson, features a message board on the discussion of "homosexuality." Message boards provide a means for people online to discuss issues and events.

This Focus On The Family forum has the potential to become a one-sided pulpit of hate. The gay and lesbian community, as well as family and friends, is encouraged to take an active role in the discussions about homosexuality on their message boards.

GLAAD is a national organization that promotes fair, accurate and inclusive representation of individuals and events in the media as a means of challenging discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity.

America Online subscribers can join the discussion by going to keyword: DOBSON. The folder on "homosexuality" is in the "Concerned Citizens" folder on the Focus Message Boards.

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