News - April 1996

Fake Buchanan campaign web page launched

For those of you who could use a break from the of anti-gay rhetoric that has suddenly swept the nation on the heels of the Pat Buchanan crusade, a website has been created to simulate Pat Buchanan's campaign www site.

Even the address would lead you to believe that, being http://www.buchanan96.org/ (the official Buchanan site does not have the 96 in the address).

When you go to the site, you find a patriotic Buchanan draped against a backdrop of swastika wallpaper. The site includes such hypertext links as: "Links to fascist organizations (which Mr. Buchanan opposes). Why Mr. Buchanan is not a fascist? Why God belongs in government?" among others.

On the issues subpage, there is a heading for "gays". When you click on it you get the gay homepage for Southern California Wired.

The person who tipped Oasis off to this site said: "The site is definitely good for a chuckle and worth spreading around so that people will actually visit, thinking it is indeed the website. The humor is actually somewhat subtle and I am sure many people will undoubtedly be fooled. Spread the word."

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