News - April 1996

Project seeks gay frat writings

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Lambda 10 Project announces an official "Call for Writers." The initiative seeks a collection of personal stories from gay fraternity men on what it was like to be gay in a fraternity -- whether closeted or out as a brother.

"Never has there been an account of gay men in fraternities. By telling the stories of gay brothers, no longer will a gay brother feel alone and no longer will fraternities be able to ignore the need for anti-homophobia education in their chapters," said Shane Windmeyer, Lambda 10 editor.

According to Windmeyer, the Lambda 10 Project responds to the homophobia and heterosexism that pervades Greek life by providing a resource for educating chapter members and supporting gay men in fraternities. The completed collection of personal stories will be published in an anthology along with suggested anti-homophobia intervention techniques tailored toward fraternal organizations.

Research completed in January of 1996 by Douglas N. Case, Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life at San Diego State University, reports that over seventy percent of gay fraternity respondents encountered homophobic/heterosexist attitudes or actions in their chapter. Case's research also mentions that gay students join social fraternities for similar reasons as do straight students. Friendship, social activities, support group and a sense of belonging are the top reasons listed by gay fraternity respondents.

"Heightening the visibility of gay men and their contributions as brothers to all' Greek social fraternities will aid in destroying stereotypical beliefs that fuel hatred and violence toward gays in society. Such efforts as Lambda 10 serve to curb these violent acts and to help create safer learning environments on college and university campuses," Windmeyer said.

The Lambda 10 Project seeks interested writers until June 10, 1996 and also encourages straight fraternity men to submit their perspectives on having a gay brother present in the fraternity. If interested, please contact Windmeyer at lambda10@indiana.edu.

This initiative is in conjunction with the Office of Student Ethics and Anti-Harassment Programs at Indiana University. All information and correspondence will be kept confidential.

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