News - April 1996

Sign a petition that will be delivered to the Salt Lake City School Board!

On February 20, 1996, the Salt Lake City School Board voted to ban all clubs in order to keep a Gay/Lesbian/Straight Alliance from forming at East High School. Despite numerous phone calls and countless letters, the board seems to remain recalcitrant.

Salt Lake City will host the 2002 Winter Olympics with the slogan "The World is Welcome Here." The Salt Lake City School Board's decision calls into question how much of the "World" is truly "Welcome" here. The Citizens' Alliance for Hate Free Schools, a project of the Utah Human Rights Coalition, calls on all supporters of the rights of young people to have equal access to educational opportunities and safe schools to sign the following petition.

All names for the petition should be mailed to cdorchard@earthlink.net. The target deadline for the petition is June 4, 1996

Petition to the Salt Lake City School Board

"We, the undersigned, support the efforts by area high school students to organize non-curricular clubs and alliances designed to increase understanding and good will among the high school population and the general public as well. We call on the Salt Lake City School Board to resist all illegal attempts at intimidation and coercion to deprive students of their legally guaranteed rights. We request that they take immediate action to reverse their decision on February 20, 1996, to ban all clubs."

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