News - April 1996

Scholarships available for lesbian students

Each year, Legacy provides several scholarship awards of $1,000 each for lesbian students to support projects that address lesbian social, cultural and educational needs as well as civil rights and well-being. During the past 3 years, 50 lesbians have received these awards.

The deadline for applications is May 1, 1996.

Recipients must be lesbian undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at an accredited college or university. Consideration will be given to: academic performance, honors, personal or financial hardship, and service to the lesbian/gay community.

By law, scholarship money must be paid directly to the educational facility for tuition and not to the student. Recipients must sign releases allowing Legacy to use their names, stories and photos in publications, news articles and Legacy's website.

Submissions must include:

For additional information, contact uncmlegacy@aol.com.

Send submissions to: Scholarship Committee, An Uncommon Legacy Foundation, Inc., 150 West 26th Street, Suite 503 New York, NY 10001

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