By Matt Hargett

I was still awake, but I couldn't look to see if he was
peering at the clock, I saw it was 2 am
I didn't want to wake him if he was asleep
but I didn't think he was

so I moved my hand slowly from where it was
and placed it softly on his chest next to where my head was resting
a few moments later his hand met mine
and he took a deep breath
and as his chest rose
he started to sing to me

he spoke of life, love, sadness, anger, war, and death
and I was content to listen
until the vibrations of his voice stopped echoing
and I was content to look into his eyes
to which he said kiss me you fool

then what was shallow became deeper
and I realized that he was now on top of me
to me his skin and hair were so soft to touch
and I realized that we were going in each other's rhythm
to which we felt the trance beginning again

Matt Hargett is 18, and attends Springfield High School in Springfield, Illinois. His poetry and lyrics are very diverse, and have matured very much from when he first started writing them. He will hopefully be helping in the production of music to accompany a lyric of his called "the DNA crowds" in late 1996. More information can be found on his web page.
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