Maldoror Rises

By K. Morris Kurzman

Blood on my shoulder, and blood on the sheet
Blood in my eyes pounds with every heartbeat.
Fire and lightning and crimson collide--
As Maldoror rises and eats me inside.

Night after night, after twilight's last gleam
A gateway is opened, or so it would seem--
Out of this gate, burning venomous trails
Cross my shoulder like acid-tongued gales--
Out of this gate, his breast full of pride,
Maldoror rises and eats me inside.

Whenever I see them, my roommate, named Dan
And Jacob, his lover-- a virtuous man,
Whenever I see them embracing, or worse
The fire is stoking and waking my curse.
My limbs start to blazing, my eyes become glaze--
My rational self is lost in a haze.
Whenever they kissed, a piece of me died,
And Maldoror rises and eats me inside.

Jason and Jill are my friends, so they claim--
But once it is dark, I suspect-- just the same:
They fear me, they loath me-- avoid my approach.
I'm odious to them-- cousin to Roach.
In shadows they plot, and prepare my demise
With murderous oaths and treacherous lies.
Can't deceive ME though! I see through their net--
And once they are mine, they'll be filled with regret.
I'LL make them suffer for being so snide!
(But Maldoror rises and eats me inside)

Wherever I fly I cannot find respite--
Always, he'll find me in shadow or light.
Nowhere on Earth can I find any peace--
Only in Death could there be some release.
I'd run past the sun, past the stars in the skies
If I thought that by running I'd once realize
Freedom from anger, from envious rage.
But here I am trapped, in my body-- a cage!
It shackles my soul in corporeal hell--
I haven't the strength left to run-- just as well.
There's no where at all I could cower and hide--
Salvation and freedom forever denied--
I'm buried from neck down as in comes the tide--
When Maldoror rises

Written 2/28/96

K. Morris Kurzman is an 18 year old writing major at New York University. He can be reached at kmk8805@is.nyu.edu.
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