Untitled Majesty

By Mike Sullivan

Take that knife, run it thru. Make it sharp, make it quick. But whatever you do, just do.

End the silence. Calm the noise. Ears sing with the rhythmic flow of blood. Yet, the twisted song clutches tight to a story.

Secrets to say, whispers to shout. Get it all over with, let it all out. Get it all over with, let it all in?

The emptiness holds true. Talking to empty friends. Walking down empty hallways. Living an empty life. Is there no light?

They say love is hard. Is it worth the time, the effort, the pain? Maybe? Maybe not?

Do you despise me for what I am? Do you fear what I have become? Nothing have I done wrong. Yet I am damned. Forgive me father for I am sin.

I have such simple needs. So easy to please. I am never happy. There is no reason to be.

You cage me up, tie me down. You've raped my soul and it makes you feel stronger.

Give me a chance and I'll kill the beast that you call your conscience. You won't even get the chance to blink twice.

The funny thing is, it won't matter in 20 years what I did, or who you are. The world changes a such a breakneck pace.

There is no need for rhyme, no need for reason, no need. And I'm scared.

Mike Sullivan, 15, lives in Mequon WI. He enjoys acting, writing, dance and the arts. He can be contacted at Thinker4@aol.com.
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