That Magic Feeling

by Terrence Wood

sitting close, staring at the floor
touching hands that feel like magic
Eyes lock, boyish smile across face
two bodies drawn by instinct, other than popular culture
this is between us, this is love
Pause, hesitation,
lips touch kiss
a feeling of release
knowing this is right
no more guilt no more loathing
tongues go deep
hands surround
kissing neck
kissing (kissing) face
feelings indescribable, hollowness at the back of throat,
lips on ear and the world makes perfect sense now
I love you he says
and You know he means it
bodies embraced for what seems like forever.
I know were I stand, I know who I am, I know who I love
The happiest moment of my life and it seems to last forever
never wanting it to end

Terrence Wood, 20, is a first year Dramatic Arts student at Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada.
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