If you are under 21 years of age, please take 15-25 minutes to complete the following survey. Your responses will contribute to our ongoing research on les/bi/gay/transgendered youth and the Internet. Our work aims to understand the role that the Internet plays in the lives of les/bi/gay/transgendered youth as they struggle with issues of sexual orientation in a homophobic world. Your anonymity is guaranteed. Completed surveys must be completed by the end of April.

Completed surveys can be sent via e-mail to Joanne Addison at The University of Colorado-Denver at jaddison@carbon.cudenver.edu. Thank you for your important contribution.

Survey Questions

 1. Age:                    

 2. City, Suburb, or Rural? 

 3. Education Level:        

 4. Gender:                 

 5. Class:                  

 6. Sexual Orientation:     

 7. What is your primary use of the internet (social, political, etc.)?

 8. What type of internet site do you prefer
    (listserv group, chat group, moo, mud, etc.)? Why?

 9. What youth les/bi/gay/trans groups do you participate in/log 
    onto and how often?
10. How did you find out about these groups?

11. What motivated you to participate in them?

12. How does "on-line" life compare to "off-line" life?

13. Would you characterize yourself as an active participant or
    a lurker? Why?

14. How have these internet groups been helpful? Unhelpful?

15. Describe the location from which you log-on.

16. Do parents/guardians/teachers/administrators/peers know that
    you participate in les/bi/gay/trans internet activities?


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