Story of a Prom...Oh What Night

by Brandon Lacy
May 1996

It is May, and proms are springing up all over the country, from Washington to Florida. It is hard for me to believe that just one short year ago, I was among the many gearing up for my senior prom. It seems like generations ago, that I was in the closet, with a girlfriend and a huge bill for flowers, dinner, limo, and prom tickets!

My senior prom for me was hell, so I won't bore anyone with the details of that prom, but let's jump back to my junior prom, which was one of the greatest times in my life.

It all started in February of 1994. A good friend of mine, April, approached me while sitting in our favorite teacher's room. April and I had been friends for four years at that time. She was a senior, and I was a lowly junior. We had gone through thick and thin together, fought many battles, and supported each other through all sorts of trauma.

Her mother I lovingly dubbed the Fairy Lady for her genteel southern politeness, and the name stuck, and April went by the nickname of Blue. April approached me before class, and she said, and I quote "My mother said that if I go to prom with you she will pay for the tickets and my father will pay for the limo..." So of course, I gave a sensible answer when presented with a fully paid night on the town, YES!

We had an excellent time that night. I was surrounded by my friends, and I got to see some of the hottest men in school, in great looking outfits, as a matter of fact one boy, (who I am still in love with though I have not seen him in two years), looked so wonderfully delicious that I almost had a heart attack (rumor is that he is gay, well one can always hope and dream).

We had dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, which incidentally is now closed, and we went to the ball at the beautiful Park Inn in downtown Minneapolis. The room was covered in a glass dome, and a lightning storm was taking place above us, so the view was gorgeous, the streaks of lightning where ethereal and created a sense of some sort of eldritch spell over the evening.

After a few hours of Chubby Checker, BBD, Madonna, and every other music misfit and hit of the 50's-90's we decided to hop into our limo and take a drive. We shared the limo with two other couples, my best friend Heather her boyfriend, and another couple. Our limo driver had sustained major bloodloss during the day due to a softball game, his finger sliced open by a randomly flung broken bat.

So, like all sensible limo drivers being paid a horrific sum of money, and being about a quart low on blood, he took us to White Bear Lake, and dared my date, and my friend Krista's date to go skinny dipping. Which, to our chagrin, they did, and much to their chagrin I had a camera ready and waiting to snap lovely photo's captured forever in the Patrick Henry High School YearBook.

Ahhh, prom night is a magical night. True, I was not with someone that I could truly love, but I was surrounded by friends. It was a night filled with laughter, smiles, and Armani tuxedos.

Brandon Lacy is a student at Warren Wilson College, in Asheville, NC. He is a Human Studies Major with a focus on political sociology and gay studies. He is the secretary of the GBLT Alliance on campus, and works with the Out 4 Good program in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Brandon is an avid writer, and is not happy unless he is composing some new piece of work. Brandon is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota and lives there when he is not at college. He is currently at work on his first novel, a collection of short fiction and non-fiction prose and poetry.
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