News - May 1996

Video diarists sought

An independent producer is looking for "video diarists" teens who chronicled on videotape some crucial, affecting period of their friends' or families' lives for a series of half hour programs to be aired on HBO.

The series falls under the banner of Family Programming, and is intended to help others realize that they are not alone in their problems: teenage-pregnancy, a brother dying of cancer, a father struggling with an alcohol problem, a friend in drug rehab, or other crises that we have to deal with which change our lives.

The producer will help you shape your story, but the story itself remains yours to be told. If you have footage already shot, you've probably used the medium of videotape to gain a better understanding of the difficult situation around you. Give others a chance to see your drama; give them a chance to help heal themselves.

If you are a teen with videotape of something like this, or if you know any teenager who has filmed such a crisis, please contact Aviva Slesin at:


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